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Once upon a time in…1992

A young man from Silver Spring was working for a local retail credit card service. This was his first real full-time job since leaving the military. He worked hard, staying late for every holiday sale and promotion. He learned some valuable skills at the dawn of electronic credit services. Unfortunately, the retailer moved its credit service headquarters out of state, and the young man was unwilling to relocate from the Washington Metro Area. The year was 1994. By this time the young man and his high school sweetheart had a daughter almost three years old and lived in two rented rooms in lower Montgomery County. Motivated – He sought employment high and low, and lightning struck!

A seemingly simple temporary task of assisting a local mortgage company to catch up on data entry blossomed very quickly into a supervisory position. He accomplished this by promoting his rudimentary knowledge of consumer credit and rock solid work ethic. He learned about the secondary mortgage market and became responsible for all branch side compliance operations, representing over four hundred sales per month. By this time the young family had moved from their two rooms in Takoma Park to a rental home in Rockville and again to purchase their own house in Wheaton, MD where they have lived in since 1996. Life was good, and the young man on his way. Change is ever near, and as all good things do, this came to an end. The real estate market crashed, again, they said. Though he didn’t quite understand, in November 1999 he was let go. This young man had a good nose though and had smelled trouble many months before.

For several months already he had operated his own mortgage brokering service on the side with a local mortgage broker. He continued this through what turned out to be one of the most significant real estate downturns in history. After assisting a local Chamber of Commerce prepare for and “survive” Y2K and to make ends meet, he worked in private security as well. This could not last. Due to his work ethic, energy, and rock solid ethics; this young man was propelled to General Manager of two separate security firms. He managed 175 employees and security operations of every kind all while assisting home buyers on his own time. He needed to make a choice. His wife made the final push of logic, and he hung up his badge. Taking a full time position as a loan officer for a national lender in 2004, he again propelled himself to the top of his peers. Earning multiple awards, the young man became a manager again. Another storm brewed on the horizon though. By now the young man was an accomplished lender, with core skills born of two cycles. He knew that the state of the industry was untenable. And so after almost a decade and a half of lending behind him, he left residential real estate finance. And yes, the market crashed, again they say.

Determined to make a difference, and unable to leave his passion; he found a home at local title insurance settlement company. The now not so young man had a daughter in high school, a four-year-old son, and another daughter not yet six months old, and the last girl he did not know about who was due to join his family in a couple of years. With Rock Solid knowledge of all things mortgage finance related, the young man was soon able to propel himself into management again. He ran that settlement office for almost seven years. He managed every kind of real estate transaction imaginable. He handled over a billion dollars in real estate funds, supervised and trained employees, established relationships and helped thousands of more people close real estate transactions. His nose began itching again in 2014. This time something was different though, he smelled not a crash, but a recovery.
He decided to make his final move.

I am proud to be that young man. I still live with my wife and three children of our four children in Silver Spring, as our oldest is grown and making her way. I take great pride in my family and chosen profession. In 2014 I took my background, experience, ethics, energy, and passion to the final stage. I am The Complete Agent…ready to stand by you, and in your shoes. When I represent you, you have the benefit of twenty years of hard-nosed, results-based success in real estate working for you. Please feel free to get to know me, and know you have an advocate for life.

Thanks for reading my profile, please feel free to share it with those that need an ally to assist with selling, renting or buying a home.

Rino Schiavo-Campo / 09-30-2014

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address175 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Suite 111
Annapolis, MD 21401
state license #6592931

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Taylor Properties; Office Phone (800) 531-1532
175 Admiral Cochrane Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401

Designations & Awards

NAR, MAR, GCAAR, Licensed Title Insurance Agent in MD/DC/VA – Appointed to Fidelity National Title Insurance and Westcor National Title Insurance.

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